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Papillion Fire Department Birthday Lights Request

  1. During these challenging times of quarantines and isolation, it’s important to remember that we are still part of a caring community. In order to add a special moment to your child’s birthday, we are offering to have a fire truck drive past your residence with its emergency lights glowing and a simple happy birthday message for your child.

    Here are the guidelines for the Birthday Lights visit:
    • For children up to and including 18 years old
    • Visits will be between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm, each day of the week
    • We should all be following good social distancing practices. Please do not allow any children to approach the fire truck. We love waves and smiles!
    • We’ll make every effort to be at your residence at the requested time. Should we be on an emergency call at that time, we’ll try to get there within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. If we miss that window, please reschedule by completing a new request.
    • When we arrive, we’ll sound the horn if you don’t see us right away.
    • We can only make visits within our fire response area, generally the city limits of La Vista and Papillion and SID’s/properties nearby.
    • Birthday Lights visits will be scheduled through May 31, 2020

    Please complete the following and we’ll email you back with your scheduled time.

  2. Date and Time of Visit

    We will do our best to schedule at the date/time you request. Please list two date/time preferences, in order of preference:

  3. Contact Information

  4. Please keep in mind that our crews are available for calls at all times. Should a visit be missed, please resubmit a request to reschedule. Make sure to write us a note in the comments section that this is a request for a reschedule.

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