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122 East Third Street
Papillion, NE 68046

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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2023 @ 7:00 P.M.

Call to Order

  1. Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Affidavit of Publication
  4. Public announcement that a current copy of the Open Meeting Act is posted in Council Chambers
  5. Proclamations
  6. Oath of Office: Police Officer Jacob Henion
  7. Presentations

Administrator's Report


Consent Agenda Items

(Note:   all consent items are automatically approved when the agenda is approved unless REMOVED by a council member. Removed items will be placed under REGULAR AGENDA ITEMS for action by the City Council)

  1. Approval of the agenda as presented
  2. Approval of the minutes from the November 21, 2023, City Council Meeting
  3. RES. R23-0182 – A resolution to approve claims as presented – Nancy Hypse – 597-2020
  4. RES. R23-0183 – A resolution to approve signing of the Year-End Certification of City Street Superintendent form – Michael Kleffner – 597-2043
  5. RES. R23-0184 – A resolution to approve the appointment of Michael Kleffner as the 2024 City Street Superintendent – Michael Kleffner – 597-2043
  6. RES. R23-0189 – A resolution to award the Schwer Park Playground Renovation Project to Creative Sites of Omaha, NE in the amount of $221,419 – Tony Gowan – 597-2049
  7. RES. R23-0190 – A resolution to approve Change Order #1 for additional water line installation to the contract with Hawkins Construction for the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Tony Gowan – 597-2049
  8. RES. R23-0191 – A resolution to approve an Amendment to the Sarpy Douglas Law Enforcement Academy (SDLEA) Interlocal to include the Metropolitan Community College Police Department – Chris Whitted – 597-2035
  9. RES. R23-0194 – A resolution to approve the renewal of Maintenance Agreement No. 106 with NDOT – Michael Kleffner – 597-2043
  10. RES. R23-0195 – A resolution to approve a Service Agreement for Toxic Gas Detection System and In-Floor Heat Controls with Hayes Mechanical – Michael Kleffner – 597-2043

Ordinances First Reading

  1. ORD. 2017 – An ordinance to amend Papillion Municipal Code §55-10 to reflect current practice regarding voting on motions – Amber Powers – 827-1111
  2. ORD. 2018 – An ordinance to amend Papillion Municipal Code §55-3 to adopt amendments as statutorily required by Neb. Rev. Stat. §16-404 regarding ordinance readings for the redrawing of ward boundaries – Amber Powers – 827-1111

Ordinances Second Reading and Public Hearings

  1. ORD. 2014 – An ordinance to amend Chapter 146 of the Papillion Municipal Code entitled “Door-to-Door Sales, Mobile Vendors, and Facility Use and Event Permits” to add clarifying language and to correct existing inconsistencies – Nicole Brown – 597-2021
  2. ORD. 2016 – An ordinance to approve amendments to the Papillion Basic Municipal Employees Plan and Trust Agreement for the City of Papillion Firefighters’ Pension Plan and Trust – Carrie Svendsen – 916-9645


Ordinances Third Reading and Resolutions

  1. RES. R23-0185 – A resolution to approve a Final Plat for the property legally described as a tract of land located in the SW ¼ of Section 25, T14N, R11E of the 6th P.M., Sarpy County, NE, generally located on the NE corner of HWY 370 and HWY 50. The applicant is SB & SK Realty, L.L.C. (Mid-States Utility Trailers) – Travis Gibbons – 597-2077
  2. RES. R23-0186PUBLIC HEARING AND VOTE – A resolution to approve the City of Papillion’s Affordable Housing Action Plan as required by Neb. Rev. Stat. §19-5505 – Travis Gibbons – 597-2077
  3. RES. R23-0187 – A resolution to elect a new City Council President for a term of one (1) year – Nicole Brown – 597-2021
  4. RES. R23-0188 – A resolution to approve John F Hardy as the Corporate Manager for Walmart Inc d/b/a Walmart #1671 for their Class D Liquor License – Nicole Brown – 597-2021
  5. RES. R23-0192 – A resolution to approve the posting of the annual occupation tax report onto the City’s website – Nancy Hypse – 597-2020
  6. ORD. 2015 – An ordinance to amend the FY2023-2024 Budget – Nancy Hypse – 597-2020

Administrative Reports

  1. Committee Reports
  2. Comments from the Floor
  3. Comments from Mayor and Council
  4. Closed Session: Litigation, Personnel Matters, and Negotiations



  1. City Council Meeting – Tuesday, December 19, 2023 @ 7:00 PM

The agenda for City Council Meetings is kept continuously current and available for public inspection at the office of the City Clerk during normal business hours.