David P. Black, Mayor
122 East Third Street
Papillion, NE 68046
Phone 402-827-1111
Fax 402-339-0670
TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2019 @ 7:00 P.M.

Call to Order

  1. Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Affidavit of Publication
  4. Public announcement that a current copy of the Open Meeting Act is posted in the City Council Chambers
  5. Proclamations
  6. Oath of Office: Firefighters Stephanie Ferguson and Colton Bourg
  7. Presentations: SCEDC 2nd Quarter Report – Andrew Rainbolt
    Papillion 150th – Judge Bob O’Neal

Administrator's Report


Consent Agenda Items

(Note:  all consent items are automatically approved when the agenda is approved unless REMOVED by a council member.  Removed items will be placed under REGULAR AGENDA ITEMS for action by the City Council)

  1. Approval of the agenda as presented
  2. Approval of the minutes from the August 6, 2019, City Council Meeting
  3. Approval of the minutes from the August 13, 2019 City Council Working Session
  4. RES. R19-0164 – A resolution to approve claims as presented – Nancy Hypse – 597-2020
  5. RES. R19-0157 – A resolution to approve the First Amendment to the Sarpy County SWAT Team and Crisis Negotiation Unit Interlocal Agreement to include the City of Bellevue as party to the Agreement and participant in the joint unit – Scott Lyons – 597-2035
  6. RES. R19-0162 – A resolution to approve an agreement with the Cities of Omaha and Bellevue for the use of an upgraded fire station alerting system – Bill Bowes – 339-8617

Ordinances First Reading

  1. ORD. 1853 – An ordinance to approve a Change of Zone from AG (Agricultural) to R-3 (Urban Family Residential) for the property legally described as a tract of land located in the E½ of the SE¼ of the SW¼ of Section 2, T13N, R12E, excluding right-of-way, generally located on the NE corner of S 80th St and Capehart Rd. The applicant is Shadow Lake 2, LLC. (Shadow Lake 2 (Phase 2)) – Mark Stursma – 597-2077

Ordinances Second Reading and Public Hearings

  1. ORD. 1850 – An ordinance to amend the FY2018-2019 Budget – Nancy Hypse – 597-2020
  2. ORD. 1851 – An ordinance to adopt the FY2019-2020 Budget – Nancy Hypse – 597-2020

Ordinances Third Reading and Resolutions

  1. RES. R19-0158PUBLIC HEARING AND VOTE – A resolution to approve a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to adopt a Growth Management Plan, which plan shall be used for development of the Master Plan for the Sarpy County and Cities Wastewater Agency. The applicant is the City of Papillion. (Growth Management Plan) – Mark Stursma – 597-2077
  2. RES. R19-0159PUBLIC HEARING AND VOTE – A resolution to adopt The Cities’ Future Growth and Development Areas within Sarpy County, Nebraska Map to effectuate a request to the Sarpy County Board of Commissioners to update the 2016 Future Growth and Development Areas Map pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 23-3611(3). The applicant is the City of Papillion. (2019 Future Growth and Development Areas Map) – Mark Stursma – 597-2077
  3. RES. R19-0161PUBLIC HEARING AND VOTE – A resolution to approve a Preliminary Plat for the property legally described as a replatting of Lots 1 and 2, Schewe Farms Replat 2, and Outlot D, Schewe Farms, generally located on the NW corner of S 120th St and HWY 370. The applicant is Schewe Farms, Inc. (Generations) – Mark Stursma – 597-2077
  4. RES. R19-0165 – A resolution to approve the Third Amendment to the North Shore Subdivision Agreement – Mark Stursma – 597-2077

Administrative Reports

  1. Committee Reports: Audit Committee
  2. Comments from the Floor
  3. Comments from Mayor and Council
  4. Closed Session: Litigation, Personnel Matters, and Negotiations


UPCOMING EVENTS: City Council Meeting – Tuesday, September 3, 2019 @ 7:00 PM