"Wings Over Papillion" Butterfly Bench Public Art Project

Papillion 150 is Papillion’s year-long celebration of its 150th anniversary in 2020. Papillion 150 will consist of a variety of special events and projects honoring our community’s rich history, bright future and those individuals and historical milestones that have established Papillion as one of the outstanding places in our country to live and raise a family.

The Butterfly Bench Project of “Wings Over Papillion” embodies the unique name of Papillion as the only such community in the U.S.A. The name came from French settlers seeing the local creek bank covered with Monarch Butterflies migrating and thus the French naming of Papillion meaning butterfly.

Local Papillion artist, Al Rhea, designed the unique prototype for the Butterfly Bench. The steel bench will be manufactured by Benson Machine in Omaha. The surfaces of the primed, painted bench give the artist a ready-to-paint surface that will be a vision showing their passion and talents. The Butterfly Bench Project will be in many sites throughout the Papillion Community with sponsor opportunities obtained for each bench.

A map of all bench locations will be available for the public to visit and enjoy the variety of Butterfly Bench artwork. Benches will be on public display from April 12 (Easter) to Sept. 7 (Labor Day), 2020.

Sponsor a Butterfly Bench!

Sponsor a Butterfly Bench for the community, your organization or yourself. Sponsors will own their own bench and can either select from mock-up models submitted by a variety of artists or select their own artist. Sponsors can select the location of their choice or donate their bench to the City of Papillion to be placed at a city-designated location.

For full sponsorship details, download our sponsorship brochure.

Thank You to Our Artists!

Thank you to those artists who submitted bench mockups for this project! The Butterfly Bench Committee has received a variety of create submissions, which can be viewed below. (The deadline for submitting new mockups has passed.)

Papillion 150 Logo
Butterfly Bench

An unpainted example of the butterfly bench can be found at the Papillion Landing Field House. Pictured below is an example of how the 12” model of the bench could be painted. Each bench will be uniquely painted by a variety of artists, showcasing the Papillion community, its history and culture.

Butterfly Bench Model
Al Rhea with Bench

The bench was designed by Papillion resident and artist Al Rhea, pictured above, showing the size of the bench.

Butterfly Bench Submitted Mockups

*Actual benches will not include a base.