Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission


Frank Allen
Appointed: July 2022 
Term Expires: July 2027

Gene Klein
Appointed: August 2020 
Term Expires: August 2025

Jane Nielsen
Appointed: April 2022 
Term Expires: April 2027

Karla Rupiper
Appointed: September 2019
Term Expires: September 2024

Gene Jaworski
Appointed: December 2022
Term Expires: December 2027

About the Commission

The Civil Service Commission shall adopt rules and regulations consistent with the Nebraska Civil Service Act. Specific responsibilities include the regulation and oversight of the selection and promotional process for all employees covered by the Civil Service Act, specifically full-time police officers and firefighters. The commission may conduct investigations and/or hearings regarding the removal, suspension, demotion or discharge actions for full-time firefighters and police officers.

Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations