Eagle Hills Monday Night Men's League

Monday, September 24th 5:00 pm Front Nine Shotgun
                            Championship/Fun Night

Division One     Division Two
First Place Match Hole # 1A
Dimpled Balls                        vs.                      Team Ridenour                         Second Place Match Hole # 1B
Got a new puttin' stroke       vs.                     Fowl Assassins
Third Place Match Hole #2
C2 Grinders                           vs.                        Barthuly Team
Fourth Place Match Hole #3A
Team #13                                vs. Bryson DeChambrotato Ole

Fun Night 5:00 pm Shotgun
Hole #3B - Bogeys too much vs. Ballwashers
Hole #4A - I Like Big Putts and I cannot lie vs. BS
Hole #4B - Stogies & Bogeys vs. Parrothead
Hole #5 - Slapshot vs. Shortstroke
Hole #6A - BD Fore vs. Bridgestone Boys 
Hole #6B - Tin Cups vs. Eagles Rare
Hole #7A - Rodecker/Boukal vs. Boukal/Brodersen
Hole #7B - Faith +1 vs. Blades of Fury
Hole #8 - The Eagles vs. Ran Dan
Hole #9A - The Ones vs. Army Golf
Hole #9B - Whilhite/Carsley vs. Richwalt

Division One Final Standings
                             Division Two Final Standings
                             Division One Final Roster
                             Division Two Final Roster
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