Ride Along Program

The Papillion Police Department encourages citizen involvement with the Police Department and its programs. Citizens may request to ride with a Papillion Police Department officer by completing an approved Ride Along Waiver/Request Form (PDF). The Ride Along Form includes a release from responsibility, which must be signed prior to the ride along. If the citizen is under the age of 18, the form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

How It Works

  • The Ride Along Form (PDF) must be reviewed and signed by the Uniformed Services Lieutenant prior to the Ride Along.
  • A records check will be completed on the citizen requesting to ride along. no person with a prior criminal history shall be allowed to ride along without special permission granted by the Chief of Police or his designate.
  • A ride along will not be longer than 2 hours in length unless approved by the Uniformed Services Lieutenant. More than 1 ride along within a 12 month period is discouraged.
  • No ride along participant is or will be authorized to become involved in any police activity which may endanger the citizen, other bystanders, or police officers.
  • Police officers shall not become involved in any police pursuit with a ride along participant in the police vehicle. All ride along participants will be discharged from the police vehicle prior to the officer's arrival at the scene of any potentially dangerous call for service.