Commercial Permit Activity

This page contains commercial permit activity from the past 90 days. This report will be updated biweekly as new permit activity occurs.

Permit Status

Parking Lot Addition 14321 Cornhusker Rd 9/14/22 In process
Tenant Improvement 607 Pinnacle Dr 9/9/22 In process
CBA Papillion 11319 Cumberland Dr 9/6/22 In process
Tara Hills Storage 1218 N Adams 9/2/22 In process
Crumbl Cookies 8650 S 71st Plz 8/30/22 Issued
Turtle Creek Admin Building 16501 Fairview Rd 8/10/22 In process
Ford Storage Tenant Improvement 14910 Gold Coast Road 7/22/22 Issued
Kids Gym Tenant Improvement 10717 Virginia Plz St 113 7/21/22 In process
PNB1 BMS Refresh 14734 Friend Plz 7/14/22 In process
16x20 New Building 16501 Fairview Rd 7/5/22 In process
16x36 New Building 16501 Fairview Rd 7/5/22 In process
Garage Building 526 N Jefferson 6/24/22 Issued
Prairie Queen Various 6/15/22 Issued
Clubhouse Pool 10951 Wittmus 6/10/22 Issued