Papillion Community Center
& City Park Expansion Project

1100 W. Lincoln Street (North side of Lincoln Street near Cheyenne Drive)

In order to serve the growing recreational needs of the Papillion community, the Papillion City Council proposed a Parks and Recreation Bond Issue to Papillion voters in the May 2016 primary election. The initiative, which was approved by voters, increases the current local sales and use tax rate from one and one-half percent (1½%) by an additional one-half percent (1/2%), which will be dedicated to funding parks and recreation improvements in Papillion, including a community center among other projects.

Construction Alternatives Policy and Procedures (Facilities Only)

Tentative CMR Selection Timeline

Updates about Lincoln Road Improvements

Conceptual Designs Pre-Bond Vote

Request for Letters of Interest

Letters of Interest Received

Request for Proposals

Other Pertinent Design Data

RFP Q and A

When submitting additional documents that are being requested (Surety Letter, Example Budget/Schedule, Sample Insurance Certificate) are we able to add at the end of our response an Appendix, to include those documents, that does not count against the stated page limitations?
Yes an appendix is acceptable and will not count again the stated page limitations.
Can you disclose the list of Pre-Qualified Construction Managers that have been asked to respond to the RFP?  
Boyd Jones
Can you disclose the appointed Selection Committee?
Not at this time.
On page 8 of the RFP under (13) Subcontracting, it states: “The construction manager must identify subcontractors in writing within the proposal.” Since the design is not complete and we will likely bid packages to subcontractors at a later date, should some of this language be removed?
At this time if you have specific subcontractors you know you'll be using we'd like them identified to the best of your ability.  If not, can you please clarify in what section of the proposal this information is to be located? May we use the Appendix?  An appendix for your response on this is acceptable to avoid cutting into any of your other allotted space.    
One page 11 of the RFP under Firm Information, this section requests a significant amount of information to be provided in two pages. Of this, we are to describe our firm’s organizational structure (which requires an org chart to properly demonstrate), a current financial statement, and a letter from our surety. Will the City consider increasing the page count to four (4) pages? We see that in the posted Q & A the financial statement and surety letter can be included in the Appendix. We estimate four (4) pages to be the minimum space required to provide enough information for all items under Section 1 Firm Information for the City to accurately evaluate each firm’s structure, history, financial strength, philosophy, and summary of key personnel.
We would allow the Org Chart to be included with the financial statement and surety letter in the appendix as a single page still limiting all other responses to Firm Information to 2 pages.   
On page 11 of the RFP under Relevant Project Experience, the RFP asks for a list and description of at least three (3) relevant projects. The page limitation of this section is only two (2) pages. We ask that the City consider increasing the page limit to three (3) pages so that each firm can provide enough information to properly evaluate the project experience.
We will allow 3 pages for this sections limiting one page per project to keep the proposals organized and structured similarly.   
On page 12 of the RFP under Project Management and Methods, letter (i), is the breakdown of proposal fees included in the page count?
We would allow the fees structure to be included in the appendix as a single page.  
On page 12 of the RFP under Project Management and Methods, letter (j), is the General Conditions Matrix included in the page count?
We would allow the General Condition Matrix to be included in the appendix as a single page.  
With respect to item 1c of the qualification information request list (pg 11 of the RFP), the city requests a current financial statement be provided.  Due to the confidential and proprietary nature of this information, it could have negative impact on the proposing businesses if their financial information is published online as part of the proposal process. If a company provides an appropriate confidentiality request/statement, will the financial statement information be considered not available for general public consumption and not be published online?
The Nebraska Public Records statute, Neb. Rev. Stat. 84-712.05, which provides the exceptions to the public records rule, expressly allows a city to withhold from public disclosure “proprietary or commercial information which if released would give advantage to business competitors and serve no public purpose.”  Neb. Rev. Stat. 84-712.05(3) 
Thus, if the City believes that the publication of the financial statements of the bidding applicants would give advantage to business competitors and would serve no public purpose, the City could decide to treat all such financial statements as proprietary in nature and withhold the disclosure and publication of such records.  Bidding applicants should submit as a separate attachment, a financial statement, to the rest of the RFP information being submitted, so the City can withhold that proprietary financial statement from the online posting process.  Applicants should clearly label such financial statements as follows:  “Confidential Proprietary Information.”