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Sewer Backup Management Policy

Please remember that the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the free flow of sanitary sewers. If you are having problems with your sewer line, please call us first. The mission of the Public Works Department is to serve you, the citizen and taxpayer of this community. Please do not hesitate to call on us for service.

Public Works Administration Office       402.597.2043
Public Works Shop                               402.597.2046
Water Treatment Plant                         402.597.2018
Emergency Contact Information 

Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Approximately 40 manholes (sanitary sewer) will have a new mortar lining put on them to stop infiltration and loose bricks from falling in due to deterioration over the years.

A new sewer line will be installed on South Madison from Sherman Street to Lincoln Street to eliminate sewer problems from offset joints and sags in the line.

This work is scheduled to start toward the end of March so please be considerate of the crews working in your neighborhood that have work zone areas posted.   If you have any questions related to this project, please call Public Works at 402.597.2043.