Public Works


Why don't your drivers put the blades down and plow all the snow off down to the pavement?
The Street Department uses "gravity" plows that can be mounted on the same trucks we use during the summer. These plows tend to ride on top of compacted snow.

It seems like we're always plowed last. Why can't we be first?
We have a planned sequence of residential plowing and we try to cover the areas in a fair and equitable manner.

When is it okay to park on my street again after it has been plowed?
You can park on the street as soon as it has been completely plowed to the curb or its full width. Be careful - it takes more than one pass of the plows to get the job done completely.

Why don't you just tow the cars off the street that don't observe the snow emergency parking ban?
We try to. It is just too time consuming. It involves the Street Department, the Police Department, a towing company and considerable paperwork.

I'm very concerned about our environment. Why don't you do more plowing and eliminate the use of all the sand and salt?
Plowing and sanding don't serve the same purpose. Both need to be done for large snowfalls. Sanding and salting are much more economical for small amounts of snow.

I didn't know you would be plowing and I think it is unfair that I got a ticket.
We try to give snow emergencies as much publicity as we can. The news people are very cooperative with us on this. Try to anticipate a Snow Emergency declaration and be on the lookout for news from your radio, TV or newspaper. Maybe your neighbor thinks it's unfair the street wasn't plowed where your car was parked.

Who can I call if I have a complaint or request?
For plowing, sanding, parked cars or sidewalks, call 402.597.2043. All emergency maintenance requests after normal working hours can also go to 402.597-2043.

I would like to make a suggestion on snow removal. Who can I send it to?
We will be happy to receive your suggestions. Please submit your suggestion in one of the following 3 ways:

1. Send it to:
Papillion Public Works
122 East Third Street
Papillion, NE 68046

2. E-mail:

3. Click on the Mayor's Hotline

Can't the city remove the snow they put in my driveway?
When you consider the large number of driveways in the city, it is just too costly and time consuming to use additional people and equipment to perform this service.

Why do the plows go so fast and throw snow on my sidewalk?
Plows do have to do a minimum speed in order to throw the snow off to the side. We ask our drivers to not throw the snow any further than necessary. In some cases, however, the sidewalks are too close to the curb to avoid getting snow.

What can you do to get the public to shovel their sidewalks?
City ordinance requires property owners to shovel their sidewalks. We follow through on all sidewalk complaints. If you see an unshoveled walk that is dangerous to pedestrians, call us at 402.597.2043 or e-mail

My street was poorly plowed because of parked cars. Can you come back and plow again?
We will certainly try to when time permits. Call the Street Department at 402.597.2043.

Why did the city snowplow hit my mailbox?
We have instructed all operators to be very cautious near mailboxes. In almost all cases it is the weight of the heavy, wet snow which moves mailboxes, not the truck plow. A properly installed mailbox will have the face of the box directly above the back of the curb and the shelf of the box 38" to 42" above the gutter line. Also, many mailboxes are not securely fastened.