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False Alarm Ordinance Now in Effect
On June 3, 2003 , Ordinance #1408 was approved by the Papillion City Council. This ordinance enacted a business and residential alarm code within Papillion City Limits. With passage, the ordinance creates a registration process, provides for fees to be charged for registration of residential and business alarms, and provides for graduated fees for excessive false alarms to encourage improvement in the reliability of alarm systems.   Nationwide, 99% of the time when police are dispatched for an alarm call, it is false. Papillion is no different. In 2002, 99% of our alarm calls were also false. Responding to false alarms cost citizens like you a lot of money. In addition, a relatively low number of business and residential addresses generate the vast majority of repeat false alarm calls.

How much will this cost me?
The ordinance requires business and residential alarm users to register their systems with the city, pay a $15 annual registration fee, and pay a fee for excessive false alarms during each registration period as follows: 2-5 alarms - $50 each; 6 to 10 alarms - $100 each; 11 or more alarms - $150 each. In addition, late fees and fees for non-compliance from alarm principal and alarm businesses may be assessed. Each alarm will receive one "free" false alarm response per year.

Are there exceptions?
Infrequent severe weather may result in sporadic invalid alarm activations. In such cases, the false alarm fee may be waived. An appeal process is included in the ordinance and will be provided to you in writing if you are assessed a fee for which you believe an exception should be made.

What do I need to do to register my alarm?
Nothing. The city has contracted with PMAM Corporation in Irving, Texas to work with your alarm company to identify all alarm system users in the City of Papillion . Once identified, you will receive a registration notice on behalf of the city from PMAM Corporation. PMAM Corporation's notification will provide instructions on how to properly register alarms. All other communications regarding applicable false alarm fees will also be made in writing and will be mailed to you.

Why do I send my alarm registration and false alarm fees out of state?
It would be cost prohibitive for our city to build, operate, and maintain a false alarm tracking and ticketing system. Therefore, the city has contracted with a firm which has expertise in providing this service to Papillion. This service is provided at no cost to the taxpayers of Papillion.

Who can I call if I have more questions?
Two places. You can contact PMAM Corporation in Irving, Texas toll-free at 877.356.7599, or contact the Papillion Police Department at 402.597.2035.   We encourage you to obtain a copy of the ordinance from Papillion  City Hall or by clicking on the link above.